Custom Horse Mane Bags

Custom Horse Mane Bags

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Wouldn't it be neat to have mane bags in your preferred color and with your horse's name and farm logo or one of our many available graphics on them? We think so! They won't get mixed in with another horse's mane bags or be mistaken for someone else's.  These lovely 4 way stretch nylon lycra blend mane bags are wonderful helping keep your horse's mane clean and tangle free while helping grow a long luxurious mane and protecting hair from the sun.

Braid your horse's mane in sections, secure with a tie and place in a bag. For long braids roll the braid around itself a time or two before placing in a bag. Pull one of the tie straps through a section of the braid and tie.

Available in a wide range of color options and with many graphics and font options. If you don't see a color or preferred font listed feel free to request it!

Standard size is 3" wide x 10" long with 6" ties.
Extra wide size is 3.5" wide x 10" long with 6" ties. 

Standard set is 6 mane bags. Additional mane bags are $5 each.

Mane bags are machine washable and dry very quickly.