Dual Fiber Dandy Brush - Gypsy Girl

Horse Grooming brush for meant for a Gypsy Girl. I love most everything related to Gypsy Cob Horses and couldn't resist designing a brush with a Gypsy Silhouette and simply the word Girl next to it. I am a Gypsy Girl. My horses are often my motivation for doing something.

Dual Fiber Dandy Brush. This horse grooming brush has a tampico (soft) border with union fiber (stiff) center. The stiff center of these brushes loosens tough dirt, while the softer Tampico border flicks away the dust, for a clean, smooth finish. This is one of our favorite brushes.
    The Union Center with Tampico Border Grooming brush is good for removing the most stubborn dirt and mud.

    Get motivated and show off your love of your favorite breed! Perfect for gifts or get one for yourself as a daily reminder.