Personalized Wood Horse Grooming Tote + Horse Grooming Brush Set

Combine our popular custom personalized horse grooming tote with four quality custom engraved wood backed horse grooming brushes of your choice for the perfect classy groom set for your horse!

The 4 custom grooming brushes shown in the photos are:

  • 3" long black flick brush which is a great finishing brush for last minute touch ups or for flicking off the dirt.
  • Grey English Fiber brush - medium stiff bristle grooming brush. Perfect for clipped & Summer coats. This brush is great for loosening trapped mud, dust and dirt.
  • Black Mixed Horse Hair brush
  • Dual Fiber Brush - Tampico border with union fiber center. This brush has a stiff center, softer border. The stiff center of this brush loosens tough dirt, while the softer Tampico border flicks away the dust, for a clean, smooth finish. This is one of our favorite brushes.

(All brushes except for the 3" black flick brush are available in small - 6 1/4", medium - 7 1/2" and large- 8 1/4" sizes)

Grooming totes are hand built to order.  Please allow 10-14 days for assembly and polyurethane curing time before shipping. Once order is placed we'll contact you via e-mail for details on graphics and text.

These gorgeous sets make wonderful gifts for yourself or for a friend!