Personalized Union Center Tampico Border Horse Grooming Brush

Custom Dual Fiber Dandy Brush. This horse grooming brush has a tampico (soft) border with union fiber (stiff) center. The stiff center of these brushes loosens tough dirt, while the softer Tampico border flicks away the dust, for a clean, smooth finish. This is one of our favorite brushes.
    The Union Center with Tampico Border Grooming brush is good for removing the most stubborn dirt and mud.
    • Every brush is coated with polyurethane to ensure longevity
    • Available in 3 sizes: 6 1/4", 7 1/2" , and 8 1/4" (most popular, shown here)

    Custom horse brushes make a practical and yet stunning way to advertise your farm or business logo and give your grooming tools a personalized touch!

    Your brush can be engraved with a name and logo, or with one of our many graphics available for a variety of disciplines and breeds. If you don't see a graphic in the list that suits your horse's breed or discipline feel free to ask us if we have something else available.

    You may also request to add a line of text or graphics on the sides of the wood backed brushes. If you don't see a font that you like (listed with the photos) feel free to request it!