Handcrafted Bay II Shire Draft Horse Christmas Ornament - Perfect for Draft Horse Shows

Here's a majestic bay with white stockings Shire stallion ready for the in hand show ring.

This Shire draft horse ornament comes with red and black ribbons for year round display at Christmas and beyond.

This horse ornament is available in bay with black socks, bay sabino, bay with white stockings, black , gray and black sabino. Also available without stallion tack (see other listings).

This hand made 1/8" thick composite wood laser Cut Horse wouldlook great on an equestrian's Christmas tree during the holidays, on the mantel, hanging on the wall or wherever is most fitting. The ornament will come with a gift box which is perfect for easy gifting and for storage once the holidays are over.

.125 thick composite wood is laser cut and printed to make unique horse ornaments exclusive to Classy Equine. The back side of the ornament is a dark brown. The printed front side is glossy.

The lovely draft horse design is by Droppfequineart for Classy Equine.  

Ornament dimensions - 4.4” wide x 3.4” tall and .125” thick.